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The Best Transportation  In Kansas City



Overland Park Taxi rates are competitive and scale based on distance. We will always look for the most efficient route to minimise expense to our customers. 



Our Overland Park Taxi cabs are insured, road legal, and undergo periodical checks to check their safety and service any faults. The vechicles we drive are a cut above the competition.

Transfer Specialists


Looking to transfer airports for a flight? Our reliable drivers will be waiting for you at the gate, ensuring you are on time to catch your plane.



Our taxi drivers are people who are thankful for your business; and we hope we show that by how we treat our customers. We will do our best to provide you with a pleasant journey.



We understand an Overland Park Taxi may only be part of your journey, and you require us to be on time and get to you to your destination swiftly and safely.



We take pride in our cars, that’s why we keep the interior and exterior of our cars clean. As well as being tidy, our cars are also air conditioned.

The Best Way To See Kansas City.

Overland Park Taxi is the best in town.
Taxis are great when you find yourself in downtown Kansas City in need of a quick lift. But taxis aren’t always so convenient in other areas and, let’s face it, there are just times when you want something more than the impersonal, point A to point B experience provided by a taxi service. If you’re heading out to Royals Stadium to watch the Champions of the baseball world take on their latest foe or over to Argosy Casino with friends for a memorable night of luck and luxury, you want to go there in style and make an entrance; a real entrance. You want Royal Transportation KC; Kansas City area’s premier high end transportation provider and car service to Kansas City International Airport.

Unforgettable Nights and the Best Service to Kansas City Airport in an Overland Park Taxi

Taxi rides are predictable and boring. Most people forget them about 30 seconds after they exit the cab. In most cases that’s fine. But there are other times when the right transportation is as important as the clothes you’re wearing, the company you’re keeping and the place you’re going. Sitting back and relaxing in one of our impeccably maintained luxury conveyances as you tour the town with friends or business associates will turn an average night out into one everyone involved will remember fondly for years.

Whether you’re heading out to the Power and Light District with your best friends, picking up the bride or groom for their bachelor or bachelorette party, hitting the town to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary or need a ride to the airport in Kansas City to pick up special guests, call Royal Transportation KC. We’ll make sure your peak experiences are just that by adding an element of unabashed luxury to what is typically the most mundane part of any social occasion: getting around. Here are just some of the reasons to consider Royal Transportation KC for your next special event.

Taxi service Overland Park Price – Royal Transportation KC can get you to KCI for virtually the same price as a local taxi service. And when it comes to more involved excursions the savings really add up. If you were to hire a taxi to bring you to a restaurant and wait for you, then bring you to the Hollywood casino and wait for you, then take you to the Plaza for a nightcap (and wait for you) and then bring a member of your entourage home to Overland Park the bill for such services would be through the roof. Not so with Royal Transportation KC. We’ll take you where you want to go for a single all-inclusive price that won’t leave you with sticker shock.

Service – When you enter a taxi the driver’s job is to get you from here to there as quickly as possible so he/she can secure the next fare and the next and the next. It’s a volume business. By contrast Royal Transportation KC is in the satisfaction business. Our job is to make sure you’re time with us is relaxed, memorable and safe. Every need is catered to and our drivers are all professionally trained so you can stretch out in back and enjoy your time without worrying. We’re also the best airport ground transportation in Overland Park and Kansas City.

Taxi service Overland Park

Overall Comfort and Cleanliness – While most taxi services do a good job of maintaining their vehicles, drivers aren’t always aware what’s going on in the back and you could be the next one into a taxi where the previous rider spilled their drink or left behind trash or had been sneaking a few puffs on a cigarette. When you enlist the services of Royal Transportation KC you can be 100% certain the luxury vehicle you step into has been meticulously cleaned and prepped in anticipation of your arrival.

Convenience – As mentioned it’s fairly easy to hail a taxi downtown (during non-rush hours at least). Trying to get a cab in outlying areas though can be a challenge at any time of the day or night. And even if you call for one to pick you up, you can be sure they’ll arrive on their schedule, not yours. If you need to get to KCI in a hurry that’s a problem. With Royal Transportation KC we’ll be there at the appointed time. No more missed flights because the taxi driver decided to stop for breakfast or got lost on the way to your house.

Taxi service Overland Park

Prestige – In the Orient it’s called “face” and it’s the phenomenon of gaining prestige by association with famous people or luxurious places and things. Right or wrong, people who arrive in professionally driven luxury vehicles are perceived differently than those who arrive in cabs. You never get a second chance to make a first impression and few things will make the kind of first impression as having Royal Transportation KC drop you off and pick you up at the restaurant, club, stadium or Kansas City airport.

Why Use Royal Transportation KC to get to KCI?

For most people “airport” and “taxi” go hand in hand. But that’s really more a matter of habit than anything else. Choosing Royal Transportation KC to get you to and from KCI actually has many advantages over standard taxi services including:

Clean, quiet, meticulously maintained luxury vehicles.
Polite, helpful, professionally trained drivers focused on your safety.
Best rates to get to the airport in Kansas City from anywhere in the metro area.
On time pickup and delivery at both ends.

Taxi service Overland Park

Are you wondering is there a taxi near me? Royal Transportation KC is near your location and the choice of discerning individuals and companies who understand that sometimes how you get there is as important as where you’re going. Next time you’re heading to the game or out on the town with friends or that special someone or want the best airport ground transportation in Kansas City, enlist the services of Royal Transportation KC. We’ll get you there in style and safety at a price that may surprise you. Call us today on (913) 206-1202 or visit us on Facebook or Twitter @royaltransportationkc.(913) 206-1202!

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